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Ари ходит в детский сад. В его группе всего 6 детишек, и очень хорошая воспитательница. Сегодня она придумала игру. "Давайте писать книгу. Я буду начинать предложение, вы кончайте, а я запишу."
Вот часть книги, придуманная Ари.

Excerpts from the book that Ari created at his daycare with the help of the daycare provider (she suggested the topics; he dictated the text; she wrote it down; he illustrated).

Chapter 1: Mom

My Mom is special ... because she is a really good cooker Mom. I like to call my Mom chef. I don't like daddy a cooker man, cuz he always makes meat. I don't like meat. Mom's a good cooker cuz she makes hummus. One day she forgot about hummus, and it is spicy! Daddy cooks meat -- he always cooks meat. I love desert most. Yogurt, corn, and I like to eat spaghetti. I also like hot dogs to eat. They make you strong like this (flexes his arms to show strong).

Chapter 2: Dad

Daddy is special because he... I like his meat. I like the good meat smell. I don't like to eat it, but I like to smell it. Daddy takes me to swimming to Mark's place, where the water is. They have lots of kick boards and noodles. You can kick and go backwards. (Illustration: water and noodles -- not real noodles, play noodles, and three kick boards.)

Chapter 3: Eli

Eli is special ... because he is funny. He throws toys and books. He throws down whatever you make like this (push down motion).

Chapter 4: 4 years old.

When I ... turn four, I will go to preschool. I'm gonna sleep with my new pink pig. I'll also sleep with Eli's bear. I also forgot something. When I am five, I'm gonna do a real knife. When I'm five, I'm gonna use a real knife to cut things off. When it's tricky, I'll cut it off.
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