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Сижу жду, когда красота начнет спасать мир ...

Между тем, получил вот такое забавное новогоднее поздравление от совершенно незнакомого котайца:

"Dear Prof. Dr. M.A.

I am reading the book "Quantum Chromodynamics: Perturbative and Nonperturbative Aspects" and I am investing all efforts to understand it. Although I am not your student, I still respect you and I am your friend in any case. I know you have various achievements in QCD, many of them are obtained at ITEP! I admire you and your achievements. I respect and admire your kind and esteemed supervisor and your esteemed collaborators and colleagues as well. In some sense, you are the flower of Russian School of Physics, although this flower is now in the garden of Western School of Physics.

I don't know the situation in the circle of Chinese Physics, but I know that in Chinese Mathematics. As I had some results which happened to be similar to that of my esteemed supervisor and his assistant, I was obliged to abandon that topic and leave it to them.

I am appending my letter to Mr. Meng Jian-Zhu. (This letter is written in Chinese and you may ask some Chinese to translate it in English) You will learn that although I returned to my hometown, my enemy still continues to persecute me in my hometown. I am now obliged to resort to law.

Besides, you will learn that my beautiful girl-friend broke up with me for the reason every one knew! It can be understandable that many people believed my enemy's lies. Once I returned to my hometown, my cousins began to scorch me by the very tongue of my enemy. They even insulted the two nations that I love!

After my girl-friend dumped me, I decided not to choose any girl-friend from China for my wife. I prefer to be single in China!

Now, let me change the topic of our conversation to a more relaxed one. I know you are older than me. You were a distinguished physicist at my age, but now I am a newcomer in high energy physics. We were both born in the year of ox according to the "Chinese Zodiac". We are bulls which means in Chinese culture brave, diligent and proud.
I hope we are friends!

Best Regards

I Wish You Health and Happy New Year!"

ПС Между двумя людьми на снимке пропасть, но мне они кажутся похожими.
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