traveller2 (traveller2) wrote,

Ищут стажера

У моего друга Славы Беляева, который руководит исследовательским отделом одного из местных банков, открылась позиция. Может, кому-нибудь это нужно?

Internship Quantitative Research

As a quantitative research intern, you will use your creativity, along with your quantitative and analytical skills, to help us solve cutting-edge problems in finance. While projects will vary, possible areas of focus will include assisting researchers in formulating and investigating of hedging ideas; analyzing complex datasets; market model development; and implementing programmatic tools and algorithms to increase research quality and productivity.

Ideal candidates will have major in physics, mathematics or in other relevant quantitative area. Candidates will have: at least intermediate-level programming skills; the ability to take-on and complete complex research projects; and exceptional analytical, organizational and communication skills. Candidates should possess a strong interest in finance.
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